#ique1#1.For many years I dreamed of serving a superior female but was never sure how to do this.

Mistress Angelique knew exactly how to help me.

Where others had failed, she showed me how to fulfill my needs of submission.

It took only a short time of training to become her slave.

She is now my Goddess. I adore her and worship the ground she walks on.

She is a classic beauty, sophisticated, intelligent, intuitive and strict,

don't disappoint her or you will regret it.

Thank you Goddess Angelique for allowing me to serve and showing me my true life's meaning.

-Slave B


#2. Mistress Angelique it is an honor to be your devoted slave & to be under your complete Control.

I have the greatest respect for you- You have taken me to places I never knew existed.

I really Love it when we do CBT, you definitely are 100% an expert at it Mistress.

Then you have me crawl at your feet while taking me for a walk with my leash & collar as your little puppy'.

- Your Long-term slave that Adores you


#3. Let me start by saying that Mistress Angelique is a very Unique Dominatrix.

You will get the training you need if you want to find yourself & understand you are here to serve an amazing Mistress!

I absolutely cannot get enough of our sessions, they are very addictive.

I feel complete by keeping you happy, serving & bowing on my knees worshiping your sexy delicious feet my Mistress.

Your Foot sub-d


#4. I have never met a Dominatrix like Mistress Angelique, she has this "aura energy"

about her that is just awesome,

she is a strong beautiful & A powerful Goddess, she is caring,nurturing & understanding.

Our sessions are just out of this world where she loves to tease me

& edge me for for awhile,

just to see the look on her face is priceless.

I always look forward to our next session Mistress Angelique.

Your Long term chastity slave,-T 


#5. It all started with online virtual sessions with Mistress Angelique.

A lot of role-playing & Jerking off instructions, I wasn't allowed to release until I asked

permission properly.Once we met, it has been even better that I finally got to have

the privilege to serve you in person.

Mistress & I plan on being your devoted slave.

I enjoy serving you & worshiping the ground you walk upon Mistress Angelique.

It is such an honor... You are amazing, thank you for being in my life Mistress Angelique.

I am very excited to see you soon my Mistress.

You Bitch,-j


#6. I have always wanted to be Dominated by a kinky woman all my life.

I finally had the courage to contact Mistress Angelique & we had a very lovely talk

over the phone, then we booked a session.

when I met Mistress Angelique, I was extremely nervous at first but she made me

feel at ease pretty quickly.

We decided too book a full extended 2 hours session with many activities &

the introduction to take my anal virginity with her strap-on,

she is the Queen at strap-on play!

I was in total ecstasy. a very intense orgasm.

Mistress Angelique, I really look forward to be your sleazy whore very soon Mistress

please & thank you again for being my perfect Mistress.

your sleazy whore,-B


#7 Well good God where do I start?

This was honestly the greatest sexual experience I have ever had.

Mistress had me under her spell from the initial phone call.

I was so nervous but Mistress calmed me down straight away with her beautiful soft voice

and sexy French accent.

 I will tell you all now pictures do not do this amazing lady justice of how beautiful she is.

I felt lucky that she had given up her time to see me

This was the second time I had visited a Dome & submitting to Mistress Angelique was a great choice.

She started by teasing my nipples and cock rubbing me sensually which instantly got me hard,

then came time for some pain!

My balls were tied up with a shoe lace & I was teased feeling her long nails on my hard cock.

All of the different sensations at once were truly mind blowing!

The end of the session though is where I honestly felt like my full submission to Mistress was complete,

she had me on the bed on my back, she put that strap on in my Ass.

I have honestly never cum so hard in my life!

My eyes rolled in the back of my head & I was completely spent.

This is all I have had on my mind since the minute I left the premises

& I will never get it out of my head.

Thank you so much Mistress Angelique can not wait until I am in your presence again to push

my boundaries even further than you did today.

Mistress Angelique you are truly incredible.

Your slave-JP


#8 To my Goddess...

It is my duty to ensure the world shall know that...

Your presence; demeanor, Your essence; nature, you are just perfect!

Your beauty is mythical, timeless; eternal & bright.

Your slave has found his #1 True Goddess, you know my whole life was a long search to find you.

Your electric sensuality is the Best!

My stunning Goddess, You know You are a rare Dominatrix to find,

I am very lucky to have found you & I feel so privileged to serve you on a regular basis.

Thank you Mistress Angelique.

Your slave-P