Q.Mistress, may I ask where, in Europe, you originally came from? Do you have an accent?

A. I am originally from France. Yes, I do have a sexy French accent & I am fully Bilingual.

Q.How long have you lived in Canada now?

A. I have lived in Canada for 22 years now & take pride in my English skills! 

Q.Is that really you in the photos & are there any pictures that show your face?

Yes of course it is me & no I want to remain anonymous. I am told, that I look even more attractive in person.

Q.Are you discreet, Mistress? Will I be able to maintain my privacy before & during my meeting with you?

A.Yes, my discretion is 100% assured & I also value our mutual privacy. You can email me

@ frenchlady33@yahoo.com

Q.Are your rates negotiable? Can I have a discount?

A.Yes, my rates are negotiable… depending on how long of a session you take & the activities you chose.

Q.What can I expect in a session with you Mistress Angelique?

A.No, our session will not start straight away unless we have already met, & we have discussed or agreed something like this beforehand.

For those with more experience & those with whom I have played before, I do offer an opportunity to go straight into the session, which may start soon as you enter.

I will then start with the activities and I never go by a script, I like my sessions to flow naturally, be fun,Kinky & exciting.

Q.I don’t like pain and I’m scared of the whole BDSM – pain thing. Is there any way to do something without pain?

A.  Yes as I do also offer Sensual Domination sessions too. I do not need to inflict pain to Dominate you. We can do some role-playing & there a good amount of activities that don't involve pain.

Q.What do you look for in a sub?

A. "If you wish to serve me, your experience is not important. I am happy to engage with you wherever you may be on your journey into the wonderful, refreshingly wicked world of submission. It is your attitude and commitment that counts. What lengths are you willing to go, to pique my interest, to indulge my most deviant whim, to make me feel proud of you?"

Q. Am I allowed to make a request to see you in a specific outfit?

A.Yes you may, I do have many outfits as corsets, mini-skirts, Catsuits, PVC, Leather, Vinyl wet-look, Business suits & many sexy Heels, Stiletto heels open toe & closed Shoes, platforms shoes or Boots, thigh High Boots.


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