Welcome to my world!

I am originally from France with a sexy French accent.

I stand at 5ft9 with heels, soft white silky skin with the perfect curves.

I started as a Lifestyle Mistress over 13.5 years ago, after 2 years I became a professional Dominatrix.

Over the years, I developed many skills and my own unique style!

I do enjoy what I do and when you meet, you will feel my Power over you...

Your privacy will always be respected. I take great delight in playing with submissive men who want to explore their Fantasies, Fetishes or just do some Role-playing scenario.

I am the Boss, the One in Charge, so you will Listen, Obey and serve Me!

Kneel for Mistress...

My range of play is extensive, my dominant style is versatile, intuitive, seductive and

erotic in nature combining both sensual and sadistic applications and administrations.

I specialize in the psychological fundamentals that pertain to specific contextual composition that feeds the mental and physical.

I can be a strict, domineering, as well as a compassionate, caring, and playful Mistress

who is in control.

I can play at any level depending upon the experience and limits of the submissive.

I have a sincere passion for all aspects of bondage, discipline and sadomasochism as my philosophies are very firmly based in the concepts of power exchange.