Real Reviews

Mistress angelique it is an honour to be your devoted slave , i have the most respect for you , you have taken me places where i never it could exist.  I really enjoy when we do cbt and you have me crawl at your feet while taking me on my leash and collar to be your pet.


"It was 2 hours I will never forget. From the very beginning Mistress Angelique was kind, charming and very seductive with her ever pleasant French accent."
-Your Slave and Loyal Pet, Rob

"Do not mistake her kindness for weakness though, Mistress Angelique
is a true Dominatrix"
-Your Devoted Slave, Mike

"Mistress Angelique made my transition from fantasy to reality so much
easierthan I thought it could ever be."
- Your Slutty Pet, Jason

"Mistress Angelique genuinely enjoys these activities and understands why I
like them too!"
- Your Slave Forever, Brandon

"Mistress Angelique is like no other Domme that I have ever met. She's strong
but gentle when she needs to be. She listens and truly cares about all
my needs and wants.
- Your Sleazy Slut, Frank