Mistress Angelique it is an honor to be your devoted slave & to be under your complete control. I have the greatest respect for you- You have taken me to places I never knew existed. I really Love it when we do CBT ,then you have me crawl at your feet while taking me for a walk with my leash and collar as your little pet'-

Your Long-term slave that Adores you,P

When I first met Mistress Angelique I was very nervous but I saw that she was very professional, she made feel comfortable right away & listened to my desires & needs. She is very experienced in Domination, a patient Mistress that brings you to the scene with ease. Her stern voice is so addictive,that makes one to keep coming back.

Your Admirer - D

I am a very happy slave to have met Mistress Angelique, she is a Goddess, I worship the ground she walks on. She is an understanding Mistress that will give you the Guidance & training you need , our session was out of this world, I always look forward to our time with exploring Mistress.. Thank you for having me as one your devotees, it is an honor!

Your dedicated new pathetic worm

Let me start by saying that Mistress Angelique is very Unique!

she is very pretty & sexy with the perfect curves, a sexy accent, I could listen to her all day.. Mistress Angelique is the best at slave training & teaching a novice all the about her kinky world. I always look forward to our sessions.  Mistress you Are the Best. Since you came into my life things are just Awesome-Your little sissy whore,A

Mistress Angelique used me & abused me, dressed me in sexy little pink panties and a sexy bra for her amusement, I loved her techniques & her energy is just awesome. I love her french accent, its very charming and addictive.-R

I can say that  my first session with Mistress Angelique was the greatest, she really gives the best sessions that are very exciting, they keep making me want more & more...  Your devoted Bitch

I have never met a Dominatrix like Mistress Angelique, she has this energy about her that is just awesome , she is a strong beautiful &  A Goddess , she is caring , nurturing & understanding. Our sessions are just out of this world, I always look forward to our sessions.

-Your Long term  chastity slave T