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1. Are you really French from France? Do you still have the accent?

Yes & yes! Even though I have lived in Canada for several years. I get asked, all the time, where I'm from.

2. Do you have any reviews?

Yes, I do. Some can be found on Page 6.

I receive new ones on a regular basis.

3. May I request something special for you to wear?

Of Course, I  welcome any special requests ,when it comes to what I wear for you. 

4. Is my privacy safe, if I contact you? 

Absolutely. I am an Independent Dominatrix and I also value my own privacy. I am a trustworthy lady.  

                                                         5. Do you see Newbies ?

       Yes I do see Newbies and I can do an itnroduction session to ease you into my Kinky world.

                                                       6.Do you provide full service?

            There is absolutely no sex , this is Domination and a True Mistress has respect for herself.