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Story#1. The Novice meets Mistress for the First time

You have all these thoughts going through your head.  You are about to go Meet Mistress Angelique for the very First Time, you are nervous and very excited and eager to meet her to find out what a BDSM session is all about. You think to yourself what does Mistress have in store for me today?

Story#2. You are the Ground I Walk on

You love to be at your Mistress's Heels while  she  puts A  Collar around your neck along with a leash, takes you for a  nice walk around the apartment. You find yourself staring at your Mistress's High Stiletto Leather heels. You will Obey Mistress Angelique's and be the Best slave you can be,you are here to serve her & make her happy.

Story#3. Come here, Bitch Boy

You have always wanted to experience what it would feel like to be taken by your Mistress with the Strap-on. Mistress is going to dress you up in sexy thong & Bra with a pair of sexy stockings, a slutty dress, high heels & a wig. Now its time to get some humiliation, Mistress is going to make you want that Toy in your ass hitting your G-Spot, making you explode in ecstasy little Bitch Boy you are.

Story#4. Worship Your Foot Goddess

It started when you were younger, you found yourself looking at women's feet in open toe High heels admiring them wanting so badly to kiss them and touch them suck on each toes and even lick the soles of their feet. It's time to come discover your Foot Fetish with Mistress Angelique.  She enjoys Foot Fetish, she will give you feedback & teach you  how to appreciate some clean sexy Feet.

Story#5. Finding the Feminine side of you

Mistress Angelique opens the door & you are happy to see that she is very pretty & sexy. You tell her Mistress Angelique could you make pretty &  sexy like you today in the session?

I just would like to explore with the makeover. Mistress is going to dress you up, make you her doll. After that you will do a little dance for her after the makeover is done.  She is open to doing some role-play.  Mistress has some surprises for you today maybe she will even give you a girl name if you are lucky

Story#6. Mistress's Pathetic Worm

On your knees my  little Pathetic Worm with a small penis , be ready for embarrassment slave. Mistress has you here today for her own amusement & she will use you and abuse you because she can and wants too . You will serve her in any way she wants. It is a privilege to be kneeling in front of Mistress Angelique Pathetic Worm.

Story#7. It's Time for your Annually Review with your Boss

You just got to work & you heard a Rumor that your Boss Angelique has caught you watching porn during your lunch Hour.  Angelique is not very impressed with you. You overhear that she wants you to come down in her Office ASAP.....as you are walking towards her office you are extremely nervous. You open the door and "Angelique says close the door & lock  it behind you John"..."Right away Boss you reply" & you close the door.Then you wonder and wait what is Mistress Angelique going to do to me, perhaps teach you a lesson that you mostly deserve.

Story#8. Be my sleazy devoted sissy

Let's get you all dressed up in Frilly clothes today my sissy & I will make you worship my nice Strap-on.  Show me that you are a good devoted  sissy for me & Mistress will be happy & very proud of you my sissy.

Story#9. Popping your cherry

Whether you’re an accomplished player or a curious beginner, you’re always searching for a unique experience. Let me introduce you to my Strap-On. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be the first one to penetrate your virgin asshole. Strap-On play.

 I can guarantee that you will absolutely love it too!  I have a vast assortment of anal toys and accessories that will cater to your inner desires and your most imaginative fantasies. When I strap on my cock, I am exhilarated and sexually empowered. Every thrust into your butt hole only re-enforces the power I have over you. Are you ready to play with your Mistress?

Story#10.  You have been A naughty boy

Today you are here to see Mistress Angelique for a Good old fashioned Spanking slave. You will get over my knees while I administer the Spanking that you deserve & you will love my Firm steady hand on your Ass.

Story#11. I Own your Orgasm slave

As your New Mistress we discussed this on the phone, you are a chronic masturbator, you need some help how to control how many times you cum.  We have settled on putting you in A Chastity cage during the session.  As your Mistress I have decided to find ways of teasing you, keep you turned on for as long as I want during our session.  If you obey Mistress you will get rewards & also be able to have an intense release slave.  Mistress has lots in store for you & you wonder what it would be.

You will need permission from Mistress to have a release slave.