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1.Are you a Pro Domme and how long you been in the scene?

Yes, I am a Pro Domme and I’ve been providing BDSM sessions for almost 10 years.

2.Where are you originally from and how old are you ?

I’m originally from France but I reside in Canada and I am 38 years ol

3.How can I book an appointment ?

The best way to contact me is by text & we will need to have a  phone call, I always like to discuss the sessions over a telephone call. I never meet without talking on the phone.


4.Do you offer Sensual Domination?

Yes, I offer sensual domination – Tie n Tease and all sort of Mild Domination.

5.Do you offer Extreme Domination or Corporal punishment?

Yes, I am highly skilled in all type of Domination from Mild to Extreme, and any type of Corporal punishment. I do not engage in any type of activities that partake bleeding or cut of the skin.


6.Do you offer Sissy play?

Yes, I offer all sorts of sissy play, and I have an extended sissy wardrobe with all sizes of clothes – shoes and boots for male to be transformed into a female including full make up transformation.

7.What is your shoe size?

I am a size 8

8.Do you offer extended sessions?

Yes I do. Ask me about my flat rate.

9.Do you sell stockings or worn underwear?

Yes, I sell my stockings & worn panties collected from my private apartment or at a place we chose Contact me by phone call.


10.What type of clothes do you wear during

 our session?

I wear different BDSM outfits,  I change my outfits for every sessions depending on my mood, you may however request for a specific outfit and I will entertain the idea.