I have only TWO rules!

Number 1

RESPECT Me at all times! I will ALWAYS respect you.


OBEY Me at all times. That means that you will ALWAYS follow My Rules and Instructions to My Satisfaction.


I am Mistress Angelique.

Welcome to my website.
I specialize in the

BDSM Scenes & Role-plays.
Enter my World of Bondage & Sensual touches. I would love to hear about Your Fantasies today.  You will be begging for release, as I look in your eyes,  you will see that

I'm amused & a happy Mistress...

I take pride in what I do. I will take you to new heights of desire, and you will want to come back for more...

As your New Mistress, it will amuse me to tease you and to bring you to places you have never explored before.

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Since I was young, I have always known that I had an Alpha personality.
I was the one in charge, the one taking care of everybody and the ONE making the RULES.  
I absolutely love the sight of a grown man whimpering, naked, at my feet and
the feeling of power and control I have during every session.
I use my experience and various tools at my disposal to exert complete control. 
I also enjoy the domination aspects of Femdom: Bondage, Forced feminization,
Anal control (prostate orgasm), Foot fetish, just to name a few...
I really enjoy what I do. I’m sociable and very approachable.
I take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists,
masochists, submissives, slaves, and bottoms.
In my safe, relaxed and elegant atmosphere, you will  
feel completely open to acknowledge your innermost fantasies.

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