I am Mistress Angelique.

Welcome to my  New updated website. I have made some changes and added some exciting sections for your pleasure.
My Specialties are

The BDSM Scenes & Role-plays.

Enter my World of Bondage that can range from mild to extreme or just Sensual touches. I would love to hear about Your Fantasies today. 

As you're begging for release, I will look deep into your eyes.  

You will see my  amusement & a veryhappy Mistress...

As your New Mistress, it will amuse me to tease you and to bring you to places you have never explored before.

Text: (289)230-2034   Email: fifie1230@gmail.com

Since I was young, I have always known that I had an Alpha personality.
I was the one in charge, the one taking care of everybody and the ONE making the RULES.  
I absolutely love the sight of a grown man whimpering, naked, at my feet and
the feeling of power and control I have during every session.
I use my experience and various tools at my disposal to exert complete control
I really enjoy what I do. I’m sociable and  I am approachable.
I take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists,
masochists, submissives, slaves & sissys.
In my safe, relaxed and elegant atmosphere, you will  
feel completely open to acknowledge your innermost fantasies.




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